About Reading Maternity Voices

Please complete our online survey here to have YOUR voice heard: Reading Maternity Voices Online Survey (takes 6 mins).

Reading Maternity Voices (MSLC) is a committee or team of service users, service user representatives, midwives, doctors and commissioners.  We work together to review and contribute to the development of local maternity services.  We’re an independent body, reporting to the local Federation of GP Commissioning Groups that commissions maternity services.

The volunteer service user reps, meet monthly for either a formal meeting with the whole committee, a review and planning session or a feedback session in the community.  You can also find the user reps out in the community collecting feedback from women and their partners about their experiences of using local maternity services.  Feedback can also be given via an online survey, when we walk the patch on our postnatal wards and through the use of focus groups.

When we collect feedback we are interested in all of a woman’s maternity care – from the booking in appointment with a community midwife to the handover to the health visiting team at around day 10 after birth.  We ask for women to tell us the following:

  • What was good about your experience of maternity care?
  • What, if anything, wasn’t good?
  • What ideas do you have for improvements?

Email us:  feedback@readingmslc.org.uk or use our Making Contact page.

We don’t discuss individual cases or handle complaints – we look for themes in feedback and for individual good ideas for improvements.  We are keen to hear from anyone who would like to get involved as a volunteer user rep – anyone who has used local maternity services is welcome.

If you want to tell someone about your individual experience, see our Making Contact page for ways to do that.

Please note that views expressed on this site are those of the service user reps only.  You can find the Reading Maternity Voices page on the Royal Berkshire Hospital website here:  Reading Maternity Voices.

Here’s what the local commissioner for Maternity has to say:

The CCGs really value the input of our local MSLC into how we can continue to improve the quality of the maternity services we commission.  Without the continued feedback we receive through presentations and discussions with the MSLC, we would not have had the information necessary to focus our priorities for delivering the requirements of Better Births. ~ Debbie Simmons