Our work

Who are we?

We are a multidisciplinary team listening to and representing women and families; working to improve and develop local maternity and neonatal services. Our members are local parents, birth workers such as antenatal teachers and doulas, NHS staff including midwives, doctors and health visitor as well as the commissioners of the maternity and neonatal services.

Our volunteer Parent Reps gather feedback from the community and look for themes in people’s experience of the care they receive – right from their antenatal booking appointment through to their discharge from the maternity or neonatal service. We then work with our NHS colleagues to improve and maintain those services.

You may feel that alone, your opinions and feelings about your maternity care, whether good or bad, will not make a difference, but by drawing experiences together as a group we can make sure that our voices are heard and taken seriously. At the Royal Berkshire we have a long history of collaborative working between staff and families and are very proud of the changes and improvements that we have achieved together.

We are commissioned and funded by NHS Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group, which also commissions the Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust Maternity and Neonatal services. Some of the services’ staff are part of our MVP so that the service can truly work with us to improve and maintain standards of care, but our group is deliberately independent of the services to allow us to act as a ‘critical friend’.

We are responsible for helping to improve the maternity and neonatal services provided by Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust (Royal Berkshire Hospital) across the area shown on the map as ‘NHS Berkshire West CCG’. If you live outside of this area but received care from Royal Berkshire Hospital, we are still your Maternity Voices Partnership and would love to hear from you!

Complete our survey if you had your baby with the RBH in the last two years.

Email us:  chair@readingmaternityvoices.org.uk or use our Making Contact page.

From our local commissioner for Maternity:

The CCGs really value the input of our local MVP into how we can continue to improve the quality of the maternity services we commission.  Without the continued feedback we receive through presentations and discussions with the MVP, we would not have had the information necessary to focus our priorities for delivering the requirements of Better Births.”
Debbie Simmons, Berkshire West CCG Nurse Director